A treasure trove of more than 228 different wholefoods

No matter the wholefood you fancy and how hard it may be to find, it could be waiting for you at the Purple Possum Wholefoods Café here in St Marys. If you’re on holiday in Tasmania we can post your purchases to your home address if you wish. We’ve sent packages to Sydney, Cairns… even Singapore!

The Purple Possum is the perfect place for health and nutrition-conscious folk looking for biodynamic foods including flours, grains, nuts, herbs and seeds, as well as Tasmanian honey and a range of healthy treats.

Many of our interstate visitors are surprised to discover such a wide and unusual range of wholefoods in a small store in a little town in Tassie. They wish we would set up shop back on the mainland!

Sadly we can’t do that – but the Possum does offer a postal service with deliveries to your home address if you wish. Drop us a line on the ‘comments’ panel on our Contact page and we’ll happily set it up for you. We’ve sent packages to Sydney, Cairns … even Singapore.