A little country town, a cosy café, healthy, tasty food, fantastic coffee, tea in a pot…

In a lovely little village in a mountain valley just behind the mid-east coast of Tasmania there’s a quaint and quirky café called The Purple Possum.

Actually it’s a café and a wholefoods store with a mini-gallery and lovely garden, all rolled into one. The Possum is a delightful meeting place for local townsfolk and a focal point for tourists – with a growing list of hospitality and tourism awards attesting to the warmth of its welcome and its popularity.

The Purple Possum and St Marys is only half an hour from Bicheno via the Elephant Pass, and half an hour from St Helens via St Marys Pass. If you’re anywhere on the east coast, it’s well worth a visit for a great coffee or a leisurely lunch.